For bodyworkers:

One day workshop (typically 10-5) open to workers of all modalities that involve soft tissue (massage, osteopathy, physical therapy etc.). We focus on learning and understanding the postural requirements of different music instrumentalists, intake: watching our musician clients play and asking the right questions, and thoughts regarding the musicians’ self-care.

For musicians:

Two day workshop, 3 hours each, open to instrumentalists and singers alike. We discuss performance related injuries and evaluate the options to us as musicians for professional care. Then we practice self-care with a series of exercises and stretches and we examine what muscles feel freer or still feel tense after each activity. Case dependent: Group free improvisation with a focus in playing relaxed and comparing how we feel after playing with how we felt before we played.


Joyce Bryan, Therapist: Thanks for a fun and informative class today!
Mark Miller, Musician: It was great! I’m still feeling so much better!
Lara Weithorn, Therapist: Thanks for the fabulous instruction, and participation (from therapists AND musicians!) in making such an informative and cool workshop!

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your workplace or school please contact us.